Qwizzeria Daily #330

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Good luck!


1. Along the same lines as the Latin phrase “carpe diem,” what is the expansion of the acronym YOLO?

2. The bone ‘Talus’ in the human body is also a synonym for “scree,” rocky debris that forms a slope at the base of a cliff. Talus is the name of a bone found in what part of the human body?

3. What are the American singer’s middle name(s) and a multiple Grammy award winner whose first and last names are Geethali Shankar?

4. What law enforcement unit was created in the US in the 1960s to handle riot control or violent confrontations with criminals? They employ specialised military equipment and tactics.

5. In short, the Rektoratskirche St. Karl Borromäus, Karlskirche is a Baroque church consecrated in 1737 and sits in which European city? (PICTURE)


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