Qwizzeria Daily #326

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Good luck!


1. What 2020 Disney movie was released amid controversy over star Liu Yel’s comments about Hong Kong and filming locale in Uighur camps in Xinjiang?

2. Extends from Bratislava to Komarno, the Žitný ostrov (Great Rye Island) is the largest river island in Europe, which lies between what major river and its tributaries?

3. Colcannon, papas bravas, and Aloo Gobi are all dishes from different cultures that share what item as its main ingredient?

4. What four-letter term is used to define an aircraft’s outer surface, which covers much of its wings and fuselage? Trust your sense on this.

5. What international soccer star’s acting debut is this 2018 movie? In the film, she plays herself, and no, I don’t think she will be sipping a cup of tea. (PICTURE)


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