Zurich Daily Quiz #315

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1. What F1 driver’s win at the 2018 US Grand Prix came more than 15 years after his first 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix? Kimi Raikkonen

2. Ancient Greek distinguished four ways of love. What word meant “to be in love with, passionate love/romance” derives its origins from the Greek god of love? Erotic/Eros

3. Formed in 1602, which trading company effectively conducted the world’s first IPO (initial public offering)? Dutch East India Company

4. What ballet pose (not to be confused with a way of thinking) has the dancer stand on one leg and brings the other leg up to the front (devant), side (a la seconde), or behind (derrière) at an angle of 90 degrees, with the knee bent? Attitude

5. Georg Muche’s Haus am Horn (1923) was the first building designed on what art school principles? (PICTURE) Bauhaus


23 March 2021 @ 20.30 (CET) – The Qwizz Hour #52 – Six rounds, six connections – it’s free, and it’s online. More details here – Online Link to play the quiz

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