Zurich Daily Quiz #289

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1. Doctor Sleep is a 2013 Stephen King horror novel adapted into a 2019 movie. It happens to be the sequel to which 1977 King’s novel (also adapted into a film)?

2. Following the Egyptian campaign between 1798 and 1801, Napoléon appointed Dominique Vivant Denon as which museum’s first director?

3. Though records suggest his head was clean-shaven, which religious leader’s head consists of 108 snails, with snails metaphorically represents the 108 afflictions humans must guard against?

4. This word comes from the name of a Venetian coin used to buy early Italian newspapers, which eventually became a name for the newspapers. The word was also loaned to the English language to describe a newspaper. What word?

5. At the turn of the 20th century, who designed a ‘World wireless System’ that would allow for “the transmission of electric energy without wires” on a global scale? (PICTURE)


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