Qwizzeria Daily #280

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1. What rock music band founded by Dave Grohl is named after the UFO sightings reported by Allied aircraft pilots in Roswell, New Mexico?

2. Which actress stripped on Late Show with David Letterman in 1996, allegedly to disprove rumours that she’s too fat for her role as a stripper?

3. It shares its name with the US state in which it rises; what major American river passes through the Grand Canyon?

4. Five years before his famous work was released, what European philosopher and economist in 1843 published his work, ‘ On the Jewish question’?

5. This is actor Eric _______ who plays various roles in both television and movies since the 1970s. However, his younger sister is a thousand time more popular and was once the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Who is his sister? (PICTURE)


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