Qwizzeria Daily #277

16 February 2020 @ 20.30 (CET) – The Qwizz Hour #47 – Six rounds, six connections – it’s free, and it’s online. More details here – Online Link to play the quiz


1. This artist’s father was a German citizen; his mother was Swiss. Swiss law determined citizenship along paternal lines, and thus he inherited his father’s German citizenship. He served in the German army during World War I. He died before his application for Swiss citizenship was processed. Who? Paul Klee

2. Daughters of Sexual Revolution is a 2018 documentary featuring Suzanne Mitchell, the den mother/director of the original cheerleaders of what NFL franchise? The franchise is the most valued NFL team for the 14th straight year. Dallas Cowboys

3. _____; or The London Charivari was a British weekly magazine of humour and satire established in 1841 by Henry Mayhew and Ebenezer Landells. Historically, it was most influential in the 1840s and 1850s and inspired many magazines worldwide. Fill in the blank. Punch

4. In July 1923, his Laugh-O-Gram studio based in Kansas had to file for bankruptcy. He had just enough money for a one-way ticket to LA. In October the same year, he founded a company that reported $42 billion in revenue in 2013. Identify this gentleman. Walt Disney

5. This is a 16th-century painting, an allegoric representation of a monarch with the goddesses Juno, Athena, and Venus/Aphrodite. Who? (PICTURE) Elizabeth I

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