Zurich Daily Quiz #248

Five questions of the day, in other words, Qwizzeria Daily, a daily quiz where you get to discover new facts from the ocean of information or test what you already know.

Here are today’s five questions –

1. Coined by Professor Rhoades, from Ohio, what word, in 1945, became the accepted description of the study of picture postcards? The name comes from the Greek term ‘letter/writing tablet.’

2. Kevin Conroy lent his voice to which animated superhero in the 1993 movie with the subtitle, Mask of the Phantasm?

3. Raptor Red is a 1995 novel by Robert T. Bakker, a palaeontologist. The story is told from the point of view of Raptor Red, about dinosaurs during the Cretaceous Period. Raptor Red is a dinosaur belonging to which genus, named after a US state?

4. Which country’s national football team had a great run in the 1970s, where they won the 1976 European Football Championships and an Olympic Gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics? They did finish second twice at the FIFA World Cup.

5. The two-headed Zaphod Beeblebrox comes from a planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse and is a fictional character who frequently appears in which book series? (PICTURE)


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