Zurich Daily Quiz #242

Five questions of the day, in other words, Qwizzeria Daily, a daily quiz where you get to discover new facts from the ocean of information or test what you already know.

Here are today’s five questions –

1. In Dec 2020, which country’s space mission completed the task of collecting rock samples from the Moon? This project was the first such undertaking in four decades.

2. Frances Mayes, an American professor, and novelist’s most famous novel happen to be a memoir of her buying, renovating, and living in an abandoned villa in Cortona’s rural pastures, a small commune in Toscana, Italy. Which novel?

3. Which ancient Egyptian God was born to the goddess Isis after she retrieved all the dismembered body parts of her murdered husband Osiris and used her powers to resurrect Osiris to conceive her son?

4. The 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, also known as the Naivasha Agreement, ended a civil war and accelerated the growth of which African city, a country’s capital city since 2011?

5. Completed in 1855, this building in Washington D.C. serves as the headquarters of which institution? (PICTURE)


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