Qwizzeria Daily #230

Five questions of the day, in other words, Qwizzeria Daily, a daily quiz where you get to discover new facts from the ocean of information or test what you already know.

Here are today’s five questions –

1. When Uber first appeared in 2009, it was known by a 7-letter name. Eventually, which three letters were dropped?

2. In 2005, this African country held the first-ever multi-party elections, and Hosni Mubarak won it for the fifth consecutive time. Nevertheless, he was ousted as the President in 2011. What country?

3. “11” in 2001, “12” in 2004, and “13” in 2007. What number is apt for 2018? (Hint: Think movies)

4. In ancient times, the 62 m tall monolith, Rock of ______, was a much fought-over possession amongst the tribes who lived nearby. Francesco Grimaldi was able to conquer it around 1300. He gained access to the walled city by pretending he was a monk, and then he let in his soldiers. Fill in the blank.

5. Who dressed as who? (PICTURE)


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