Daily Quiz #222

Five questions of the day, in other words, Qwizzeria Daily, a daily quiz where you get to discover new facts from the ocean of information or test what you already know.

Here are today’s five questions –

1. In December 2020, Senator Norma Durango proposed getting a footballer on the 1,000 peso note, a country’s highest denomination. Which country?

2. A traditional Mesoamerican dish comprising maize dough steamed in a banana leaf shares the name (though unrelated) with one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa, the capital city of the Northern region of Ghana. What name?

3. Located on the museum island in Berlin, what museum, built in Baroque Revival style, was formerly called the Kaiser Friedrich Museum?

4. After becoming pregnant with Horus, Isis fled to the Nile Delta marshlands to hide from her brother, who jealously killed Osiris and who she knew would want to kill their son. Name the brother of Isis in question?

5. In the 2006 movie Snakes on a Plane, she played a flight attendant on her final flight before quitting to become a lawyer. Three years later, she started her run as lawyer Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife. Which actress? (PICTURE)


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