Zurich Daily Quiz #205

Five questions of the day, in other words, Qwizzeria Daily, a daily quiz where you get to discover new facts from the ocean of information or test what you already know.

Here are today’s five questions –

1. Which Swiss bank presented the idea to have a Zurich Lake cable car to mark its 150th birthday in 2020? The court annulled the construction plans in Dec 2019.

2. During the China-USA trade dispute of recent times, one of China’s retaliatory moves was the request for the return of which ‘loan’ made to San Diego zoo in 1996?

3. The post of prime minister was scrapped in 1976 by the then-revolutionary leader and was reinstated in 2019 under constitution rules. As a result, Manuel Marrero Cruz became which country’s prime minister in 2019?

4. Matthew Webb, the first man to swim across the English Channel, did so using which swimming technique – the slowest one of the four primary techniques?

5. Allegra, the beautiful daughter of art historian and millionaire William Mostyn-Owen, has been described as a “Botticelli angel.” Which politician was she once married to? (PICTURE)


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