Qwizzeria Daily #177

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Green Day fans had launched a campaign in May 2018 to get which 2004 song to number one to coincide with President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK?

2. Which piece of clothing went on sale in 1946 after debuting at an outdoor fashion show at the Molitor hotel complex in Paris?

3. The largest county in California is named after an Italian saint of the 15th century. Which county?

4. In 2015, which Japanese fictional character was granted citizenship for “promoting the entertainment and watching over the ‘Kabuki-Cho neighbourhood and drawing visitors from around the globe?” The character made its first appearance in 1954.

5. Photo showing the Hikers beneath a rainbow formed by mist from Vernal Falls. In which US national park is Vernal Falls located? (PICTURE)


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