Qwizzeria Daily #166

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. It was a predecessor of the Winter Olympic Games, the first international multi-sport event that focused primarily on winter sports, held at varying intervals between 1901 and 1926. It was known by which two-word name?

2. This Swiss company was founded in 1988 with a vision to write software of the very highest quality in Switzerland. The name of what company comes from Latin, meaning ‘To the New Thing’?

3. The English translation of which institution’s motto happens to be ‘Never tickle a sleeping dragon.’ The longest-serving headmaster of the institution coined it. Which institution?

4. This dish is popular among the ethnic groups of the Middle East and North Africa. It gets its name from the Arabic word meaning ‘a mixture.’ What dish?

5. Two handwritten notes, also known as happiness notes, were sold in 2017 at an auction in Jerusalem for $1.56m. The letters date back to 1922. Instead of giving a tip, he handed out these notes. Who wrote these notes? (PICTURE)


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