Qwizzeria Daily #163

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Which is the only US state in which the names of all three of its most populous cities start with the same letter?

2. In the 19th century, Antonin Careme came up with a list of four – tomat, béchamel, veloute, and Espagnole. In the 20th century, Auguste Escoffier added a fifth to this list to make it complete. What did he add?

3. In 328 B.C, Constantine’s bridge was officially opened. It was built on what river connecting Sucidava (Corabia, Romania) and Oescus (Gigen, Bulgaria)?

4. In the early-mid 19th century, the Belgian statistician and sociologist Adolphe Quetelet devised an index that places the normal range for a human from 18.5 – 25. Quetelet’s Index is better known now by which name, popularised in 1972 by Ancel Keys?

5. Which character’s hairdo underwent these changes in the ten seasons of a TV series? (PICTURE)


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