Qwizzeria Daily #162

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Giovanni Domenico _______, a French-Italian astronomer, is best known for discovering four moons of Saturn. Who?

2. Grace Gummer plays the role of Nora Ephron in the TV series Good Girls Revolt. Grace Gummer happens to be the daughter of a popular Hollywood actress. Who is Grace’s mother?

3. This island, located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, is divided between France and the Netherlands. It happens to be the smallest island in the world divided between two nations. Which island?

4. This Mexican musical expression goes back to the 18th century when it began as a tradition. The popular name used can either refer to music, the group, or a specific musician. The name shares with the first movie of the Mexico trilogy. What name?

5. This phone is on permanent display in Haleyville, Alabama, and was the recipient of which the first-of-a-kind call made by the speaker of Rankin Fite to Tom Bevill at the city’s police station in 1968? (PICTURE)


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