Qwizzeria Daily #161

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Which phrase, voted as one of the 100 most famous lines in film history, appeared for the first time in the James Bond movie, Goldfinger?

2. Which company’s logo has 25 icons that come together to form a U shape? Each icon represents certain aspects of the business. Some of them are Sun, DNA, hand, hair, bee, flower, and heart.

3. What was the name of the nymph who loved her voice, and whose unhappy infatuation with Narcissus left her longing until only her voice remained?

4. What fruit’s English name comes from the Sanskrit word, ‘naranga,’ which went through Arabic, Italian, French, and English?

5. Photo taken in the late 1920s depicts the construction-phase of what famous statue? (PICTURE)


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