Qwizzeria Daily #154

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Which entertainer was born Erik Weisz in 1874 in Budapest? His earlier acts earned him the nickname ‘Handcuff.’

2. William ______ established what eponymous toy shop in London in 1760? It quickly established a veritable reputation for bringing the finest toys and continues to do so.

3. Richard Curtis’s debut as a screenwriter happens to be a 1989 British rom-com in which Jeff Goldblum plays the title role. What movie?

4. What is a four-letter word (origins from Turkish) given to a tent-like dwelling used by Central Asian nomads? The Mongolians use ‘ger’ to refer to such houses.

5. The picture is a mashup art print (1950s style) of what 1993 song by Bikini Kill? (PICTURE)


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