Qwizzeria Daily #147

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. In Nov 2016, The Royal reporter Camilla Tominey of the UK’s Sunday Express broke the story of the relationship between which two individuals?

2. Colonia Tovar is a town in Venezuela, founded in 1843 by a group of immigrants from Europe. Although Spanish is the official language of Venezuela, this town retains the tradition of its founders. Which language/dialect do they speak?

3. Which book (and now a movie series) by J. K. Rowling was written in 2001 with the intention of distributing the profits to the charity Comic Relief?

4. He was the heavyweight boxing champion of the world from 1952 to 1956 and had a perfect record of 49-0-0, the only boxer to have won every fight in his professional career. Who?

5. Seascape at Scheveningen and Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen were two paintings that were stolen on December 7, 2002, and were recovered on September 30, 2016. Now valued at around $100 million. Who painted them? (PICTURE)


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