Qwizzeria Daily #143

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Which Oscar-winning actress’s parents met in Nuremberg, Germany, while her father was doing civil work for the Pentagon and her mother was his secretary?

2. What island gets its name from a local word meaning “Sulphur Island” due to the huge sulphur deposits located on it? It was the site of a major battle during WW II, and ended with the Americans capturing Mt. Suribachi, the island’s highest point.

3. Which English word comes from the Greek language, literally meaning, ‘to strip off the flesh’?

4. What company was founded in 1876 to provide a solution to the blisters that lumberjacks were experiencing caused by poor quality woollen socks?

5. The Evening and Morning is a 2020 novel by Ken Follett. It is a prequel to which of his non-spy thriller that was published in 1989? (PICTURE)


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