Qwizzeria Daily #142

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Abebe Bikila became the first African athlete to win an Olympic Gold at the 1960 Rome Olympics. In which event did he win the gold medal?

2. The renowned poet T.S. Eliot composed most of his poem ‘The Wasteland’ while undergoing treatment in Switzerland. He even mentioned, “by the waters of ______ I sat down and wept.” Which lake was he referring to?

3. Yolande Betbeze, the 1951 winner of a particular event, declined to pose in a swimsuit from the event’s major sponsor. As a result, the swimsuit manufacturer Pacific Mills withdrew from the event and started a similar event of their own. What did they start?

4. In computer science terminology, if a set of eight bits is called a ‘byte’, what is a set of four bits called?

5. What five-letter suffix is applied to monstrously large 100 x 100 Sudoku puzzles? (PICTURE)


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