Qwizzeria Daily #138

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. Boris Johnson is the current prime minister under whom Brexit happened. Who was the prime minister who called out for the referendum in 2016?

2. At the age of 21, Sofia Kenin became the youngest American to win a Grand Slam women’s singles title since Serena Williams in 2002. In which country was she born?

3. Being Eileen is a BBC comedy that was aired in 2013 and is about a family visit to the largest and northernmost region of Finland. What was the original title of the show that shares its name with the Finnish region?

4. Parts of the lakes Vierwaldstättersee, Sarnen, Lungern, Wichelsee, Tannensee, and Melchsee are present in this Swiss canton. The highest elevation point happens to be Titlis at 3238 m. Which canton is this?

5. A main promenade entrance of the Prado Museum, Madrid is dominated by this 1899 Aniceto Marinas’ bronze statue of which Spanish Baroque painter? (PICTURE)


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