Qwizzeria Daily #133

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. This South-eastern European country’s medieval name called by its inhabitants was Shqipëri (literally “land of eagles,” from shqiponje “eagle”). Which country?

2. In the sequel we know them by the names the Comte de la Fère, Monsieur du Vallon, and the Abbé d’Herblay. By what collective name are these characters known in the first novel in which we meet them?

3. Which athlete was christened ‘Eldrick’ and has been as one-eighth native American, one-eighth African American, one-quarter Chinese, one-quarter White, and one-quarter Thai.

4. In addition to Spanish, which country’s Law of Linguistic Rights of Indigenous People recognised more than 60 indigenous languages as official languages, the most widely spoken of which is Nahuatl?

5. Which former resident of South Africa was honoured with on a South African Rand coin? (PICTURE)