Qwizzeria Daily #127

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. What confectionery item (for decorating cakes and making sweets) usually made from sugar/honey and almond flour gets its English name from the German language?

2. Henry Heimlich lent his name for the first-aid procedure Heimlich manoeuvre. What does it do?

3. This seven-kilometer long river in Valais, Switzerland comes from the melt-water of the Aletsch Glacier. It flows into the Stausee Gibidum reservoir and finally joins Rhone. Which river? (Shares with the family name of a Brazilian F1 driver)

4. Sir Antony Rupert Jay was an English writer who became famous for co-authoring the two British political comedies and was televised by BBC in the 1980s. Name both.

5. Identify this celebrity couple from the 1950s, who went to become popular globally in a different sector a few decades later. (PICTURE)


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