Qwizzeria Daily #123

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Here are today’s five questions –

1. This transportation company was formed in 2007 as Zimride. The founders changed its name in 2013. Based in San Francisco, which company is this?

2. Stan Lee credits his wife, Joan with inspiring him to create this. He was depressed about his career and contemplated leaving the business. Lee told her husband: “why don’t you write one comic you’d be proud of? “Afterward, Stan Lee created which superhero team?

3. Which two-time Oscar winner was the only child of Ernest Hartley, an English officer in the Indian Cavalry, and Gertrude Mary Frances of Irish and Parsi Indian ancestry? She was born in 1913, in Darjeeling.

4. The trio of scientists, Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young shared the 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine. It is for their research on circadian rhythm. By what two-word term is this phenomenon better known?

5. Girl on the Run happens to be which Swedish model’s first and only studio album? It was released in 1999 and includes three singles: “Hello Hey”, “Rocksteady Love” and “Party Line”. (PICTURE)


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