Qwizzeria Daily #119

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Today’s five questions are –

1. What 2011 musical features the songs Joseph Smith American Moses and Tomorrow is a Latter Day?

2. As of 2020, the last time a team (barring Celtic or Glasgow Rangers) won the top division football league in Scotland was in 1984-85. It was Aberdeen, which legendary figure managed the team?

3. In a well-known 1997 movie, what is the name of the 20-year-old janitor at MIT in Boston, who finds a difficult maths problem on blackboard and proceeds to solve it?

4. Used in cooking and in perfume making, what fragrant flower happens to be the state flower of Florida?

5. This extinct type of wild cattle inhabited Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Known to be the ancestor of domestic cattle, the Swiss canton, Uri, takes its name from what extinct cattle? PICTURE


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