Qwizzeria Daily #118

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Today’s five questions are –

1. New Zealand won both the male and female editions of the 2018 World Cup in this mini variant of a sport. The first World Cup was held in 1993 for men and 2009 for women. What sport?

2. Hugh Hefner was laid to rest in September 2017. The burial site was something he had bought in 1992 for $75000. Who from the world of glitz and glamour is buried next to him?

3. Which company was originally called ‘Cadabra’ (as in ‘abracadabra’)? It was later renamed by its founder because a lawyer misheard it as ‘cadaver’.

4. In 2015, on the 10th anniversary of which popular website, a video was released paying tribute to all different kinds of genres this website has made possible? The video was set to the song ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ by Blackalicious.

5. On 31 May 2017, Wonder Woman was banned in Lebanon after the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel asked the Lebanese government’s Ministry of Economy and Trade to block the film. Why? (PICTURE)


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