Qwizzeria Daily #115

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Here are the five questions –

1. The varieties include Russet Burbank, Canadian Shepody, Ranger Russet, and Umatilla Russet. Unsurprisingly, McDonald’s is among the biggest buyers. These are the varieties of what item?

2. Johannes Kepler introduced this word in the modern context in 1610. Name this word that gets its origin from the Greek meaning, “follower or attendant of a superior person.”?

3. To what sport does detective Hercule Poirot refer this way, “_______, an English enigma. I know not of any other game where even the players are unsure of the rules”? This passage was part of Four and Twenty Blackbirds, one of Agatha Christie’s short stories.

4. Which novel trilogy was originally written as a fan fiction work in the Twilight fictional universe. It was originally called Master of the Universe and written under the name Snowdragons Icequeen?

5. Which actress has this tattoo on one of her arms and what do they signify? (PICTURE)


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