Qwizzeria Daily #111

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The five questions of the 111th edition are –

1. Fibula and Tibia are the two anatomical names of the two bones found in what part of the human body?

2. From 1996, which Olympic event became a one-day event and had been a four- or five-day event in the past?

3. Which tenderloin cut of beef and steak recipe was named after the French Ambassador to England in the 1820s, Vicomte Francois-René de ____________?

4. What 2016 dark fantasy novel by Matt Ruff has served as the basis for the 2020 HBO TV series of the same name? The title includes the name of a pulp fiction horror writer who died at the age of 47.

5. If Chris O’Donnell played the role of Robin, who played the role of Batman in the same movie? (PICTURE)


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