Qwizzeria Daily #109

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Here are the five questions!

1. In the three-age system of archaeology that divides human technological prehistory into three periods, what was the first period?

2. Along with East Timor (Timor Leste), which is the only other Far East Asian country in which the majority of the population are Roman Catholic?

3. What practice was invented in the 1890s at Gallaudet University, one of the first schools for deaf and hard-of-hearing students? The practice came about to not disclose strategies to the opposition.

4. Catherine Cornaro is known to be the last monarch of what kingdom (now a country)? She reigned from 1474 to 1489 and was declared a ‘Daughter of San Marco’ in order that the Republic of Venice could claim control of the kingdom.

5. Derived from a mythological pre-Roman Celtic king, name this Shakespearean tragedy which revolves around the title character? (PICTURE)


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