Qwizzeria Daily #108

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Here are the five questions, pub quiz style!

1. What name was given to the iPod that was launched in 2005? It was the first iPod to use flash memory.

2. After buying a Ferrari 250GT, Ferruccio realised it was not up to his expectations and built his own car. Name Feruccio’s surname, the name of his company that makes luxury cars?

3. In 1999, Shirley Eaton released her autobiography titled Golden Girl. The title of the book stems from a brief role she played in what 1960s movie?

4. Which Nobel Prize winner became the director of the Red Cross’s new radiology service in Paris during World War I?

5. Whose semi-autobiographical novel was published just shortly before her death (1963)? It was originally published under the pseudonym “Victoria Lucas.” (PICTURE)


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