Qwizzeria Daily #107

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Here are the five questions!

1. Shiraz wine is named for one of the largest cities in which Asian country? The modern version is mostly exported from Australia and South Africa.

2. Inspired by charades, what word game was invented in 1985 by Robert Angel with graphic designer Gary Everson?

3. atéleia is an Ancient Greek term that means ‘without tax’. The study of what favourite hobby is derived from this Ancient Greek term?

4. Castle Rock was the name of the fictional mountain fort in William Golding’s 1954 novel Lord of the Flies. Inspired by this fort, what writer uses Castle Rock, Maine as the setting for his novels and short stories?

5. Inspired by this 1957 cartoon by Leonard Dove, first published in New Yorker magazine, what 1969 romantic comedy takes its title inspired by the cartoon? (PICTURE)


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