Qwizzeria Daily #104

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Here are the five questions!

1. In 2017, who was officially given a co-writer credit for the song ‘Imagine’?

2. Her high-profile wedding with a Hollywood star in 2014 made international headlines. Specialising in international law and human rights, her clients include Enron, Julian Assange, Yulia Tymoshenko (former Ukraine PM), and journalist Mohamed Fahmy. Who?

3. What type of hat gets its name from the Arabic word meaning ‘opening’? The term has been used in the French language for a chef’s hat.

4. The earliest known reference to this steak goes back to the 1891 US newspaper article. It is (or was) a luxury delicacy in Australia and New Zealand because it is stuffed with oysters inside the beef. What steak?

5. There are several different explanations for the origin of this term, mostly based on old folk tales and superstitions. A group of what is called a ‘murder’? if it helps, here is a screenshot of a 1998 movie of the same name. (PICTURE)

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