Qwizzeria Daily #99

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Here are the five questions!

1. Comino and Gozo are two of the three inhabited islands. Before switching to the Euro currency, the country used Liras as the currency. What country?

2. Which multinational financial services company was founded in 1966 by United California Bank, Wells Fargo, Crocker National Bank, and the Bank of California and is known by its current name since 1979?

3. This French cosmetics company gets its name from a forest in the region of La Brenne and the roses in the area inspired the company’s symbol of the single golden rose. Which company?

4. The famous American musician Herbie Mann once said about which genre of music – “If you’re in ____ and more than ten people like you, you’re labelled commercial.” Fill in the blank with the music genre.

5. Frank (Francis Xavier Alexander Sr.) was a two-time runner-up at the singles Grand slam tournaments (1930 U.S. Championships and 1931 Wimbledon), the latter has the distinction of being the only time that a singles final was won by default (Frank had an injury). He briefly appeared in few films and his granddaughter went on to achieve popularity in the 1980s (termed The ’80s Look by TIME magazine). Name Frank’s granddaughter. (PICTURE)


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