Qwizzeria Daily #98

Five questions of the day, in other words, Qwizzeria Daily is brought to you by Qwizzeria! For more pub quizzes and other quiz events keep checking the Qwizzeria website or the social media channels of Qwizzeria.

Here are the five questions!

1. Which fictional character’s name came from technical movie-making terminology: “Reel two, Dialogue Two.”?

2. This Swiss canton’s name originated in the Middle Ages, and it referred to the right to ‘pull up’ fishing nets and thereby to the right to fish. Which canton?

3. In 2016, Obama visited this country (doesn’t take much time, but takes a lot of effort) and before that, it was in 1928 when Calvin Coolidge made an official visit. Which country?

4. To the ancient Romans, the left side of the human body was thought of as evil and the right side was good. What is the Latin word for left?

5. Which international restaurant franchise started its journey in 1958 at Wichita, Kansas here in this building? (PICTURE)


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