Qwizzeria Daily #91

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Now, to the five questions!

1.USD11023, a famous design patent that was granted on Feb 18, 1879, expired after 14 years. To what structure was the patent awarded?

2. The volcano Hekla, which was once known as the ‘Gateway to Hell’ because of its relatively frequent eruptions, is situated within which country?

3. The term used to define “the radiation in the atmosphere after a nuclear explosion has taken place” shares its name with what 2018 Hollywood movie (part of a movie series)?

4. Venetians had the practice of giving costal settlements Italian name centuries ago. One such coastal town was known as Ragusa from 1358 until 1808. By what modern name is the town famously known?

5. Of a Fire on the Moon, a report on Apollo 11 Moon landing from a writer’s point of view. It was serialised in Life magazine. Who wrote it? (PICTURE)


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