Qwizzeria Daily #87

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Think ’87’ when you are in doubt!

1. What element with atomic number 87, was once called eka-caesium as it happens to be the second-most electropositive element behind caesium? If it helps, it was discovered by a French physicist Marguerite Perey (a student of Marie Curie) in France.

2. Which English musician’s 17th studio album ‘Never Let Me Down’ was released in 1987 and includes the song “87 and Cry” among others?

3. By what name do we know a series of police procedural novels and stories (with lead detective Steve Carella) written by Evan Hunter under the pseudonym Ed McBain?

4. Named after the French astronomer Charles _______, name this supergiant elliptical galaxy with more than 1 trillion stars in the constellation Virgo? The black hole in this core is the first black hole to be imaged.

5. Dated 1609, who wrote/published this sonnet, the 87th of his 154 sonnets? (PICTURE)


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