Qwizzeria Daily #86

The weather doesn’t look good today, and for the quiz enthusiasts if you are wondering what to do in the evening, well, there’s Qwizz Hour for you, easy to play from where you are – Click here to take part in this online live quiz!

Now, to the five questions of the day!

1. Its earlier name was ‘Contrology’ and uses the apparatus such as The Cadillac and the Ladder Barrel. Which mind and body fitness system is this, that gets its name from its creator?

2. Mount Cynthus is the birthplace of which god, whose name is the same in Greek and Roman mythology?

3. This hotel in Vevey, Switzerland (home to the Charlie Chaplin museum) shares its name with a 1936 silent comedy film made by Charlie Chaplin. What movie?

4. Created in 1968, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the intelligence agency of which country?

5. What long-running comic strip in the UK was first drawn by Davey Law (1952) and has been a regular feature of the comic ‘The Beano’ since the 1950s? PICTURE
(Hint: Do not confuse it with the US version)


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