Qwizzeria Daily #85

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Here are the five questions –

  1. In the opening line of Arthur Conan Doyle’s story ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’, Dr. John Watson states “To Sherlock Holmes, she is always the woman.” Who was he referring to?

2. In 1893, some of the British ex-pats established the ______ Cricket & Athletic Club, which happens to be one of the oldest football clubs in Italy. Fill in the blank with the capital of the Liguria region.

3. This Swiss town (also the canton’s name) was founded in 1157 by Berchtold IV von Zähringen and its name is partially derived from the German word meaning ‘fort’. What canton?

4. A Cuban artist was jailed without trial for planning to stage a version of Animal Farm in 2014. What names did he plan to paint on those two pigs?

5. This enclosure is common to suburban life in middle-class homes of America. It also lends its name to a TV series (1992-1996) featuring the lives of residents of Rome, Wisconsin, where weird things happen. What TV series? (PICTURE)


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