Qwizzeria Daily #84

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1. Merneith, Neferusobek, Hatshepsut, Tawosret, and are the six queens who ruled the ancient land of Egypt. Name the two queens whose names have been blanked out.

2. What professional road bicycle racing team was formed through a coalition of state-owned companies from a former Soviet Union country, and is named after its former capital city?

3. Crop Over was a festival that started in 1687 to mark the end of the sugar cane crop harvest. In the 1940s the industry declined, so did the festival. In the 1970s, it was revived and attracts tourists today (2020 will be an exception). What Caribbean country?

4. Using of country’s top-level domain (TLD) for personal domain names are called domain hacks. Which American music artist and producer uses the Armenian top-level domain for his website?

5. Private Parts is a 1997 American film inspired by the autobiography of the same name written by a radio personality. His radio talk show is on-going since 1979. Who? (PICTURE)


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