Qwizzeria Daily #83

It’s a national holiday, on a Saturday here in Switzerland! Happy National Day, from 1291 to 1848 to 2020, this small alpine country has seen a lot of changes and leads as an example to the world.

1. What company (founded in 1943) started its Swiss operations in the suburbs of Zurich in 1973 and was a test run for the founder’s motto: “If it works in Switzerland, it’ll work anywhere.”?

2. What comic (sixteenth volume title, published in 1970 from a popular comic series) features one of the darkest plots, which focuses on preventing an innocent person from being murdered? It parodies Fellini’s Satriycon in the opening sequence.

3. Which non-profit organisation (similar to Red Cross) based out of Lugano turned 118 years in 2019 and runs an ambulance service, a low-cost dental practice, and first aid courses?

4. The year 2019 marked 500 years for which Swiss publishing company who achieved its initial success printing editions of the Zurich Bible and now prints counterfeit-notes to Swiss National Bank and Swiss passports?

5. In 2018, the famed watch brand, Carl F. Bucherer turned 130 years. In which canton (can be seen in the watch) was the brand established? (PICTURE)


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