Qwizzeria Daily #82

Qwizzeria Daily is a set of five questions, pub quiz style.

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Here are the five questions of the day!

1. On 01 March 2020, which European country became the first nation in the world with completely free public transport (Trains, bus, and trams) for all users?

2. Taking its name from the Latin for ‘three heads’, which muscle is used to straighten the elbow?

3. To which sportsman did Brazil dedicate their 1994 Soccer World Cup final victory?

4. In 1873, people from different parts of the world assembled in a village called Göschenen. For the next 89 months, they worked on one of the biggest construction projects of modern times. What was it?

5. What 1981 epic movie directed by Warren Beatty is based on a 1919 book Ten Days That Shook the World, which chronicles the Russian Revolution? (PICTURE)


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