Qwizzeria Daily #78

Lady Snowblood

Warm up your brain engines with these five questions!

  1. Who broke Charles Lindbergh’s 92-year old record to become the youngest person to be named TIME’s person of the year?
  2. After the Netherlands, which country, in 2003 became the second country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage?
  3. The kinder zoo in Rapperswil was built by architect Wolfgang Behles and was opened on 10 June 1962 by the brothers Fredy and Rolf _ senior, the fifth generation from what famous circus family?
  4. Canadian company Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. introduced two new varieties of apples a few years ago i.e., Arctic Granny and Arctic Golden. Both are genetically modified and have what special feature compared to normal apples?
  5. Lady Snowblood is a 1973 movie by Toshiya Fujita about Yuki, a young woman who seeks revenge after three people raped her mother, is said to be the inspiration for what English movie series? (PICTURE)


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