Qwizzeria Daily #72

Here are the five questions of the day!

1. What drink gets its English/French name from the German word for wormwood, which remains the principal ingredient of the drink since the 16th century?

2. As evidenced by its Chinese name, this city literally means “above the sea,” the metro area of this city sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River as it opens into the Pacific Ocean. What city?

3. In 2012 Wimbledon single’s finals, Andy Murray lost to Roger Federer. Eight weeks later, Murray won the single’s finals against Federer at the same venue. How so?

4. In 2012, what Nordic company filed a patent for tattooing, stamping/spraying ‘ferromagnetic’ material onto the skin, and then pairing it with a mobile device to alert ‘users’ of incoming calls and messages? 

5. Born Archibald Alex Leach, which actor (I am looking for a screen name) made his debut in the 1932 movie This is the Night, where he played an Olympic javelin thrower? (Picture)


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