Qwizzeria Daily #70

Here are the five questions!


1. Among the G7 countries, which is the only non-North American and non-European to be part of the group?

2. In honour of Saint Mark, on 25 April each year, what European city celebrates its patron by following the red rosebud tradition, a symbol of great love?

3. On the 75th anniversary of this iconic comic superhero, which movie was released in June 2013?

4. The year 1985 was the last time Circuit Zandvoort had hosted an F1 race. In May 2019, a contract was signed to host the 2020 Formula One race (due to COVID-19, it was cancelled). This is due to the growing popularity of which Formula One driver?

5. Considered to be a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery, he currently serves as the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Department since 2017. Who? (PICTURE)






1. Japan

2. Venice

3. Superman, Man of Steel

4. Max Verstappen

5. Ben Carson

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