Qwizzeria Daily #65

One of the first things that come to mind with ’65’ is the semifinal scorecard of the 1996 World Cup. Not sure, then check this scorecard to refresh your memories. If you aren’t a cricket fan and not interested in the sport at all, you can dive into the questions directly 🙂


1. Uno Stacko is one of the many variations of the card game Uno. This combines the gameplay of two separate games, one being Uno. Which is the other game?

2. What organisation was founded in 1942 at 17 Broad Street, Oxford, England, by a group of Quakers, activists, and Oxford academics to support the National Famine Relief Committee?

3. In the Aramaic and Hebrew language, this name translates to ‘lioness’. How does this name connect to an English actress named Margaret Constance Williams?

4. The modern lyrics to this popular song at this time of the year were written in 1824 by the German composer Ernst Anschütz. He based it on a 16th century Silesian folk song. What song?

5. She was the first black player to compete on the Women’s Professional Golf Tour and before that had won five singles titles in Grand Slam tournaments (twice Wimbledon, twice US Open and a French Open). Who? (PICTURE)














3. Arya from Game of Thrones

4. O Tannenbaum

5. Althea Gibson


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