Qwizzeria Daily #61

It’s a Friday and in some parts of the world people are gearing up for the weekend. Well, for those who believe it is always a five-day workweek, you are in the minority as most of the world works six days a week. In a lot of companies, the sixth-day working hours are halved while in others they continue with the normal working hours. And, yes, the second Saturday is a holiday is still practiced in some parts of India.


Here are the five questions of the day!


1. What SI unit, equivalent to one Joule per second, is named after a Scottish Inventor who was born on January 19, 1736?

2. ‘What Happened’ is this person’s third memoir (after “Living History” and “Hard Choices”). The 2017 memoir was well-reviewed, while others saw the book as an opportunity to place blame on certain external factors. Whose memoir?

3. What branch of a major religion gets its name from Arabic meaning ‘follower’?

4. In September 2002, two countries were admitted as the member states of the United Nations. If East Timor was the 191st member state, what country was the 190th member state?

5. A “Paper Street” is a road or a street that appears only on maps but doesn’t exist, thus perfectly playing to the actual tone of the film. In what 1999 movie, it is revealed that the main character lives on Paper Street? (PICTURE)












1. Watt named after James Watt

2. Hilary Clinton

3. Shia

4. Switzerland

5. Fight Club



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