Qwizzeria Daily #55


Here are the five questions of the day!


1. Between 1994 and 2000, what American company tried unsuccessfully to register the iconic sound ‘chug, chug, chug’ of its engines?

2. In 2017, in his first year, Crooked Hillary was used 24 times, Make America Great Again was used 50 times. What phrase topped the list among Donald Trump’s most tweeted phrases, more than 100 times?

3. In 1928, Charles Mintz took the rights of Oswald the Rabbit from its creator and claimed Oswald as an official Universal Studios character. To compete with this, the creator came up with a new character. What character?

4. Because of his father’s job, Al Gore remains the only U.S. vice president not born in one of the 50 states. Where was he born?

5. Best known for suspenseful legal thrillers, A Painted House was published in 2000, one of his non-legal novels, about cotton farming in 1950s Arkansas. Who wrote it? (PICTURE)












1. Harley-Davidson

2. Fake News

3. Mickey Mouse

4. District of Columbia

5. John Grisham

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