Qwizzeria Daily #50

We have come this far, the next target will be to hit the 100 mark! Thank you to all the Qwizzerians who have supported me in this venture.


Here is today’s Quiz of the day!


1. Founded in 1997, the Reel Eye Company is one of the largest suppliers to film, TV, and media companies in the Western world. Their clients include – X-Men franchise, Marvel films, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars movie franchise. What do they supply?

2. According to the 1936 book called The Handbook for Recreation Leaders, what game is referred to as ‘roshambo’, as the three words Ro, sham, and bo are used during the game?

3. This word when used as a noun means, ‘a long-standing formidable rival’ and the word is derived from the Greek goddess of divine punishment (given to those who expressed arrogance before the gods). What word/goddess?

4. Count Francesco Baracca was Italy’s top ace of World War I with 34 credited victories. His personal emblem inspired a logo and it happens to be one of the iconic symbols in corporate history. What logo?

5. Who broke Charles Bannerman’s record of scoring the most runs on Test match debut, a record that remains to date amongst Test debutants? (PICTURE)


















1. SFX contact lenses

2. Rock Paper Scissors

3. Nemesis

4. The prancing horse logo adopted by Ferrari

5. Reginald Erskine Foster (Tip Foster) – scored 287 for England against Australia in 1903.

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