Qwizzeria Daily #46

Here are the five questions of the day!


1. What news agency was established in 1851 by Paul Julius _______ in Britain at the London Royal Exchange? It initially covered commercial news, serving banks, brokerage houses, and business firms.

2. As a struggling actor, he used a book on carpentry from the library, to start doing odd jobs and earn a living. One of those jobs was working on George Lucas’ house. The rest is history. Which actor?

3. This brand of mayonnaise was developed by Richard ________, a German immigrant to New York who created it for the deli he opened in 1905. The mayonnaise grew in popularity and by 1912 he had set up a factory to manufacture the mayonnaise in greater amounts. Which brand?

4. Frida Lyngstad moved to Switzerland in 1986. She currently lives in Zermatt, the mountain resort near the Matterhorn, with her British partner Henry Smith, the fifth Viscount Hambleden. She is best-known to be a lead singer for which music band?

5. Titled Saint Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata, which 15th-century painter from the Netherlands painted this? (PICTURE)












1. Reuters

2. Harrison Ford

3. Hellmann’s


5. Jan van Eyck

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