Qwizzeria Daily #45

Before we get to the questions of the day, a gentle reminder of the FB live event – The Qwizz Hour  – Click on the link to get more details. In short, the quiz is live and is for one hour.


Now to the questions –

1. Born Margaretha Zelle in 1876, a one-time exotic dancer, she was convicted of spying for Germany during World War 1. As a consequence, she was executed in France. By what name is she best remembered?

2. If Pele is the youngest player to score a World Cup hattrick at the FIFA Men’s World Cup, who is the oldest player to score a World Cup hattrick?

3. This domestic species comes from the genus ‘Cavia’, a rodent originating in the Andes of South America. It was frequently used as ‘model organisms’ in the 19th and 20th centuries and later replaced by mice and rats. Which animal?

4. So far, two people have won a Nobel Prize for Literature and an Academy Award (Oscars). One is George Bernard Shaw. Who is the other person?

5. In November 1963, he slipped into a Dallas theatre showing ‘War is Hell’, without paying the 90-cent admission. He was arrested but on a much more serious charge. Who?













1. Mata Hari

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Guinea Pig

4. Bob Dylan

5. Lee Harvey Oswald


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